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Life in winter is oh so hard for a coyote.

Winter Season

From late November through mid-April, Yellowstone National Park becomes a winter wonderland. The road from Gardiner to Cooke City is the only road that remains open to wheeled vehicles (aka cars) year-round, meaning access to this portion of the park is far easier than access to others, which require a snowmobile or snowcoach trip. The northern part of the Park through which the Gardiner-Cooke road travels is at a lower elevation than most areas of the Park, and the immediate Gardiner area and the Lamar Valley receive much less snow than other areas, making these locations prime winter wildlife habitat. While the bears are hibernating, a trip across the north end of the park in winter is one of the best ways to see wolves, coyotes, bison, elk, and other animals, without the traffic of summer. More and more people are making this trip every year.

jack rose bastard

Purple "JRB" midges are a great
choice in winter. Check our Youtube
Channel for info on tying it.

In the winter, Parks' Fly Shop remains open on somewhat reduced hours. Fishing tackle remains available, and any day when the temperature is above freezing can result in excellent fishing. We have had some of our best match-the-hatchfishing on the Yellowstone in January, for example, though usually it only lasts for a couple hours. Our primary focus in winter is on exploring Yellowstone Park, however. The Gardiner-Cooke road offers numerous jumping off points where it is possible to access beautiful cross country ski trails or snowshoe tracks, and we rent both touring skis and snowshoes to help you enjoy these areas. Our rental rates are much cheaper than those of other businesses in the area, inside or outside the Park, and we have a generous return policy -you don't have to return your skis or snowshoes until midnight, if you don't want to. We offer ski rentals through mid-April and snowshoe rentals through mid-May, so you can take advantage of late season storms long after the park's "official" winter season is over. We also offer various ski waxes and accessories, ski waxing, and plenty of free advice on which trails are right for you.

2017-2018 XC Ski and Snowshoe Rental Rates

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