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Walter Wiese has written three books that are currently in print: Yellowstone Country Flies, a fly tying manual about Yellowstone-area fly patterns, River Characters, a collection of fly fishing essays and stories, many involving the Yellowstone area, and most-recently Fly Fishing Yellowstone Country, an e-book guide to fly fishing Yellowstone Park and southern Montana. The latter is the most recent Yellowstone area fly fishing guidebook in print.

Richard Parks' Fishing Yellowstone National Park: 3rd Edition is a classic access guide to fishing in Yellowstone Park. When combined with Walter's Fly Fishing Yellowstone Country, it offers a complete picture of fly fishing the park.

Descriptions of each book follow.

Yellowstone Country Flies: The Fly Patterns of Parks' Fly Shop

wally's book

Walter's first book was published in May 2013 and is now in its second printing (first edition). It provides everything you need to know about tying roughly fifty of Parks' Fly Shop's custom fly patterns, plus color variations. It also includes information on the fly designers, some notes on our fly design philosophies, and additional resources for anglers interested in tying their own flies for Yellowstone National Park. The book can be ordered directly via e-mail from Walteror by calling the shop. The price is $23.95 plus shipping.

River Characters: Deep Thoughts and Shallow Stories about Fly Fishing

River Characters

River Characters is a collection of essays and stories about fly fishing. Join Walter on fly fishing adventures ranging from chasing carp from a sinking boat in the Ozarks to seeking bull trout in Washington. Hunt for evidence of the elusive Trout Gods or just fall-run brown trout. In these 22 essays and stories, longtime fly fishing guide and outdoor writer Walter Wiese relates these tales and more and ruminates on the deep (and shallow) questions of fly fishing. Print versions of the book can be ordered directly via e-mail from Walter or by calling the shop. The price is $10.95 plus shipping from the shop or $9.95 from Walter. The book is also available in e-book and paperback formats from Amazon. River Characters has topped the Amazon Fishing list on several occasions since its publication in December, and is routinely the best-selling Kindle fishing book.

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Country: A Basic Guide to Fly Fishing Yellowstone Park and Southern Montana

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Country

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Country is an e-book guide to fly fishing Yellowstone Park and the Yellowstone region in southern Montana, including the Yellowstone River and its tributaries, the Madison and Gallatin Rivers and their tributaries, and the upper Missouri River. It is the most recent book covering these areas and the only one available in a low-priced e-book edition.

Purchase Fly Fishing Yellowstone Country in Kindle format from Amazon. Other formats are forthcoming.

Fishing Yellowstone National Park: 3rd Edition

large version of fishing YNP pic

Richard Parks' book Fishing Yellowstone National Park is now in its third edition. Originally published by Falcon Guides, it is now put out by The Lyons Press. Published in April, 2007, this edition is one of the most up-to-date of all the Yellowstone Park fishing guides.

It also serves a different function than the rest. Richard is the first to admit that the book is lacking in fly and hatch information, but despite the title it isn't intended as a fishing guide in the sense of many others. Instead, it focuses on describing in precise detail how to access every piece of water in the Park that's worth fishing, including both road and trail mileage down to the nearest tenth of a mile and frank discussions of the difficulty of any hiking involved. It also provides accurate descriptions of what kind of fish and what kind of water characters you'll find on a given stream and suggestions on tactics, and doesn't sugercoat things if the fish are small or way too smart for their own good or the crowds of anglers are thick. When combined with the hatch charts and river and stream descriptions in our Trip Planner, or with Walter's Fly Fishing Yellowstone Country, the book gives a thorough introduction to Yellowstone's fish and fisheries, though you should still call us for current conditions.

You can purchase the book from Amazon, but if you buy it from us for slightly more money you get a personalized autograph and also put a nickel or two into Richard's official New Boat Fund.

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