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Yellowstone Area Fly Fishing Trip Planning

Probably the most important part of your trip to the Yellowstone area is the planning stage. Depending on what sorts of flies you like to use, bodies of water you want to fish, the species you would like to pursue, and any additional activities you would like to do while in the area, everything from the clothes you need to pack to the best way to reach the area to the time of year you come might change. This guide is designed to help you come to the Yellowstone area prepared.

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The Seasons page features a summary of how our fishing and other activities change over the course of the year. The Our Waters page has links to individual pages for the most critical fisheries in our area. Each of these pages includes a description of the fishery, notes on access, and of course angling tips, including hatch and fly guides, tactics, and a list of the top ten fly patterns for each water. The Flies & Hatches page includes general hatch charts for all major insects in the area, as well as tables of "standard and standby" patterns and notes on other food items the trout like and the patterns to use to imitate them. The Tackle page describes the lengths and weights of appropriate rods for your trip and a table of important accessories to remember to put in your suitcase. The Clothing page includes a list of clothes you should be sure to bring. Don't forget layers and raingear!

If you have any questions that aren't answered by this guide, check our Guide Trip FAQ or feel free to contact us.

Please note that this guide was provided by Walter Wiese, via his business Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing (primary website - link not yet active, blog/fishing report).

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