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XC Ski and Snowshoe Rentals

From late November through early April, XC ski and snowshoe rentals are the core of our business. We have both snowshoes and skis suitable for a wide range of people, including children as young as two or three as well as adults, including adults with feet up to about size 14. Our rates for all winter sports gear are very competitive compared to our competition in Mammoth, Livingston, and Bozeman.

We can generally accommodate about four people in the same size range (shoes, weight, and height) per day per item type, with ski boots the usual limiting factor. With a wide enough size distribution, we can generally fit even large groups without too much trouble, though please note that we do not accept reservations on winter sports equipment rentals. Items are first-come, first-served, no exceptions.

Remaining adult ski inventory in the racks on a pretty busy winter day.

XC Skis

We offer both classic edgeless XC ski gear suited for use on groomed trails (including set tracks) and backcountry XC touring gear with full metal edges suited for light backcountry touring or use on icy, rutted, or otherwise challenging snow. We do not offer any skate skis or heavy-duty backcountry gear such as alpine touring or telemark skis suitable for deep powder or aggressive downhill use. Our ski setups are therefore useful in getting from Point A to Point B over the snow, with some slight downhills okay, rather than for high-speed thrills.

Our adult-sized skis (really suited to anyone over about age-10) are mounted with Backcountry NNN bindings and use backcountry NNN boots for improved ankle support and control over lighter shoes. Our childrens' packages use the older and simpler 3-pin binding system and boots. All ski packages include skis, boots, and poles.


We offer general-purpose snowshoes, with sizes suitable for young children on up to adults to 275 pounds. In the adult sizes, we offer snowshoes designed specifically for men and women, rather than fit-all models. If you're looking to tromp around in deeper snow or are nervous about XC skiing, these snowshoes will get you where you want to go. Snowshoe packages include snowshoes and telescoping trekking poles or fixed-length ski poles. You must wear your own heavy-duty boots (winter, work, or serious hiking boots all work).

Winter Gear Rental Rates

All rates are for complete packages, but we can break up packages if need be, for example if you forget your poles at home or only bring a pair of ski boots in your luggage to save space. Please inquire for pricing on individual items.

Please note that childrens' package rates are based on the type of ski binding used (3-pin or BC NNN) on the required skis, not the child's age. The child's size will determine which type of ski is required. A tiny 13yo might be able to use child-sized skis, while a huge 8yo would require adult skis.

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